Finding The Right Funeral Home

Nothing is more difficult than trying to plan a funeral for someone that you love. Learn about choosing an appropriate funeral home. Click here.

3 Tips For Preparing Children For Funerals

27 April 2016
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Funerals are difficult experiences for most people, particularly children. During the service, it can be challenging for children to follow etiquette, which can sometimes lead to disruptions for others. If you are planning to take your child to a funeral, here are some tips for preparing him or her for the experience.  Talk to Your Child About Death  In the days leading up to the funeral, it is important that you talk to your child about death. Read More …

Three Of The Most Eco-Friendly “Green” Funeral Arrangements That Go Beyond Cremation

13 April 2016
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Although cremation is decidedly one of the more eco-friendly alternatives available for your funeral arrangements, did you know that there are some processes that can be used as an alternative to cremation that may be just as eco-friendly or (debatably) even more so? Some of these processes are still in development stages while others are available for use in America today. Here are three such types: two that are available now and one that may be available within the next few years. Read More …

Three Important Etiquette Rules To Remember At A Funeral Home

3 March 2016
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When you visit a funeral home, you're getting an opportunity to support the grieving family through your words and actions. These actions can include simply behaving in a reserved and empathetic manner. Part of behaving properly is knowing how to follow a number of etiquette rules that other attendees might not be privy to. Inadvertently breaking one of these rules can draw attention toward you and possibly distract others from the somber nature of the moment. Read More …

Five Meaningful Things To Do With A Loved One’s Cremains

3 February 2016
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After cremation, the family of the deceased is left with about four or five pounds of cremated remains, sometimes referred to as ashes but more correctly known as "cremains." Often, the family will choose to bring these remains home and decide what to do with them later. One common option is to use an urn to display the cremains somewhere prominent in the home, such as over the fireplace. But there are many other creative ways to lay these remains to rest as well. Read More …

The Three Best Ways To Personalize A Memorial Tribute For A Deceased Loved One

21 January 2016
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Planning a funeral service is simply something that most people don't have any experience with, so it's not always an easy time. One of the biggest things people look to do with a funeral service is to make the memories personal and lasting. There's no better way to honor someone's life than to incorporate that life into their memorial service. Here's a look at three great ways to help personalize your loved one's memorial tributes. Read More …

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Finding The Right Funeral Home

Nothing is more difficult than trying to plan a funeral for someone that you love. In addition to figuring out who to have speak and what to do to honor their memory, you might also be stressed out about choosing an appropriate funeral home. However, you don't have to worry so much about the details if you are willing to shop around for a great funeral home. My blog is dedicated to teaching you different features about funeral homes, so that you aren't left guessing when the big day comes. You never know, this information might help you to honor a loved one.