Graveside Services: The Traditional Simple Funerals

Nothing is more difficult than trying to plan a funeral for someone that you love. Learn about choosing an appropriate funeral home. Click here.

Graveside Services: The Traditional Simple Funerals

31 August 2022
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Not everyone wants a lengthy funeral with all the bells and whistles. Although traditional funerals are beautiful ceremonies that truly honor the deceased, people who live casual, intimate lives may want funerals as straightforward and fulfilling as their lives. Memorial services that celebrate the deceased's life are the modern way to achieve this, but simple, intimate funerals can also be planned. 

Minimal Services

While some people find comfort in ceremonies, others want to remove the societal barriers between the deceased and their mourners. Graveside services cut the traditional funeral ceremony back to its minimal form. Mourners arrive at the grave where the casket is already in place, eliminating the need for pallbearers and a procession. Typically, only one eulogy is delivered with just a few readings and prayers to complement it. With the exception of military services, musicians aren't typically involved. Overall, graveside funeral services are truly minimal, keeping the focus on the deceased's life and value.

Little to Plan in Advance

As funerals have gotten more complex and expensive, they have also become more difficult to plan. Whether planned in advance by the deceased or planned postmortem by the estate executor, traditional funerals are complex, requiring services from multiple vendors and contributions from clergy, friends, and family members. In contrast, graveside services require very little planning. Instead of renting and furnishing a venue and providing transportation between the funeral home and gravesite, everything is done in the cemetery. With only a simple, straightforward eulogy, mourners have nothing they need to prepare in advance. They can simply attend the service and honor the deceased.

Reduced Costs to Family Members

Whether funeral costs are taken from the estate or paid for by family members, funerals are no doubt a burden on the deceased's loved ones. Venue rentals, flower arrangements, audio-visual services, and musicians come with costs that add up quickly. Graveside services cut back on all of these costs, giving grieving family members time to breathe and recover from losing a loved one without worrying about unnecessary expenses. This puts the focus of the funeral exactly where it belongs: on the deceased's life and how much they will be missed.

Funeral planning can be a difficult process whether you plan your own funeral in advance or plan a loved one's funeral after their death. If you're looking for a simple traditional funeral, a graveside service could be your best option. To learn more about modern and traditional funeral home services, reach out to a funeral home in your area. 

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