Perfectly Respectful Reasons To Honor Your Deceased Loved One With Cremation Services

Nothing is more difficult than trying to plan a funeral for someone that you love. Learn about choosing an appropriate funeral home. Click here.

Perfectly Respectful Reasons To Honor Your Deceased Loved One With Cremation Services

4 January 2017
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There are a number of people who do not seek cremation services because they do not have any loved ones who have been cremated. Perhaps you are thinking of cremation but your views on death may be interfering with you making a decision. The following are a few respectful reasons to honor your loved ones' memory with a cremation rather than traditional funeral services. It may also help you understand if cremation is a good choice for you too. 


The cost of funerals is generally higher than the cost of cremations. These higher costs are often the result of burial plots, embalming, and other services. Sometimes people have unpaid debts, and a number of individuals do not even have life insurance. This can leave their loved ones trying to figure out how they will pay for their homegoing services.

Unrecognizable Remains

Perhaps you will have a deceased loved one who will experience a traumatic death. For example, some terminal illnesses can wreak havoc on the human body and render it unrecognizable. Sometimes individuals also lose their lives as the result of horrific accidents such as dismemberment, fires, or their remains being found after significant decomposition has occurred. Cremation is ideal for these situations because it can save families from irreparable grief. Some families may also appreciate the option to use the ashes from their loved ones' remains to make jewelry or keep in urns rather than having to visit burial plots. 

Personal Requests

You may encounter a situation where a loved one passes away and only makes a verbal mention that they want to be cremated. Some well-meaning family members do not understand the significance of these requests, and many people proceed with their own plans if the deceased does not make their preference known in writing or a will. There are numerous reasons you should honor this type of request. Your loved one may have given thought to financial burdens and other aspects of death. They may have also come to terms that death is a normal process when life is no more. You should view such requests as final opportunities to honor your loved ones by putting them to rest in the manner they preferred. 

Some funeral homes today offer cremation and funeral services. Some of these facilitate body viewings where appropriate and when requested by families. This allows individuals to have experiences with their dearly departed that are more familiar to them. It can also aid in maintaining expenses when budgets are a matter of concern. The final remains can still be cremated after the formalities are completed. To learn more, contact a company like American Cremation Society.

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