Ensuring Your Funeral Is Held According To Your Wishes

Nothing is more difficult than trying to plan a funeral for someone that you love. Learn about choosing an appropriate funeral home. Click here.

Ensuring Your Funeral Is Held According To Your Wishes

13 October 2016
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If you have specific desires in how your funeral is conducted after you pass away, you may want to consider some advance planning in making sure others are aware of your wishes. There are several aspects one may want incorporated into their final ceremony. If no one is told about this information beforehand, there is no guarantee the service held will be a true representation of your life in the manner you wish. Here are some tips you can take to ensure your funeral plans are held according to your specifications, ensuring those who attend have a personalized glimpse of yourself when they pay their last respects.

Speak With A Funeral Director

Consider going to a local funeral home (like Morris Nilsen Funeral Chapel) to speak with the director about pre-arranging your funeral. This allows you to select every feature of your service from the music to be played to the wording you would like spoken. The funeral home will ask you in detail about each portion of your service and draft a schedule of events for you to approve. You will also be able to pre-pay for your own funeral if you wish to save your family or friends from the burden of the cost.

Make Sure You Have A Detailed Will

A will is necessary if you have assets you wish to pass on to others after your death. In addition to your estate's well-being, you can add passages in your will about how you wish for your funeral service to be held. Speak to an attorney about your wishes and make sure they include this information in your will so your plans will be followed exactly as you wish. At the time of your death, your attorney will alert family members about your wishes so your funeral plans will be followed.

Alert Others Of Your Wishes 

It is important to have a copy of your desired plans in your home in a safe location. Let a trusted friend or family member know where this information is located so they can retrieve it quickly after you pass away so it can be brought to the funeral home you list in the paperwork. Keeping a copy in a safe deposit box will ensure the plans are not destroyed. In addition to a paper copy, verbally inform a few people of your wishes. Telling more than one person in detail about how you wish to have your funeral conducted will ensure your desires are carried out.

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