How Cremation Can Be Right For You

Nothing is more difficult than trying to plan a funeral for someone that you love. Learn about choosing an appropriate funeral home. Click here.

How Cremation Can Be Right For You

11 May 2016
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Are you currently considering final arrangements for yourself or a loved one? Are you having a hard time deciding between burial and cremation? Whether for yourself or a loved one, dealing with death can be a difficult experience. While only time will heal the grief you may now be experiencing, here are some reasons why cremation may be the better choice for you:

Affordable: A full burial can be expensive. Just the grave alone, not counting the casket, can cost $1500 or more depending on the cemetery involved. In contrast, a cremation costs significantly less. The savings can be put towards a more lavish funeral or memorial service or else used to provide for the family of the deceased. Since adjusting to the loss of a loved one can mean missing work or looking for new work, saving money on final expenses can be extremely important to those who are left behind.

Extremely quick: Once the body is released for burial, it can take weeks to make burial arrangements. If a plot hasn't already been bought, one must be located and purchased. Then the weather must be suitable for the opening and closing of the grave. While waiting for everything to be finalized, the funeral home must be paid for the temporary storage of the body. Because of the time and money involved in the whole process, this can be difficult for loved ones to endure. In contrast, a cremation can take place in only a few days after death. This allows you to schedule a memorial service at any time after the death, allowing family members who are ill or who otherwise would be unable to attend to make plans and arrangements to be at the memorial.

Multiple memorials: If you have family scattered across multiple states, it can be difficult to decide on a final resting place once you're gone. Do you purchase a plot near where you currently reside, or do you purchase a plot near your other family? If the plan is to be buried in a plot that is multiple states away, then transportation arrangements and costs for the casket must be taken into consideration. With cremation, not only is transportation less expensive, the remains can be divided up and either scattered or interred in multiple locations. Some may be scattered along a favorite beach, while others might be taken to a favorite camping destination and the remainder is given to an out of state family member. This can allow multiple branches of the family to have a focal point for their grief, without starting any argument over any one burial location.

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