Etiquette Rules To Keep In Mind At Your Next Funeral Home Visit

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Etiquette Rules To Keep In Mind At Your Next Funeral Home Visit

5 January 2016
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Following proper etiquette rules is integral anytime you walk through the doors of a funeral home to attend a visitation or service. Keeping funeral etiquette rules in mind is about more than just wearing the right color of clothing and being sure that your cellphone doesn't ring. By behaving in the proper manner, you're showing respect toward the memory of the person who has passed away as well as the surviving members who are going through a difficult time. Brushing up on these three important rules is about more than conveying respect; your attention to detail in this area will also prevent you from inadvertently acting in an embarrassing manner.

Check The Obituary To Learn About Donations

Giving a donation is a polite way to honor the memory of the person who has passed away, but it's important to conduct a little research to ensure you take the right approach. Typically, the deceased individual's obituary will indicate where you should give your donation. Once you have this information, you can proceed with the amount of your choice. Ensuring that you're aware of these details is important so you don't show up to the funeral home with a bouquet of flowers when the family has specifically requested that it doesn't want floral donations.

Don't Try To Say Too Much

When you greet the bereaved family members in the receiving line, it can be tempting to talk too much, especially if you're nervous. There's no harm in keeping your remarks brief; in fact, avoiding unnecessary discussion can prevent you from inadvertently saying something that the family could construe as insensitive. Be sure to tell the family that you're sorry for its loss and that your thoughts are with each member. Beyond these messages, don't force yourself to say anything, as there's nothing wrong with being silent and showing your support with a hug.

Approach The Register Book The Right Way

Some funeral home visitors make the mistake of sharing a written message of sympathy in the register book. While the sentiment is thoughtful, this book is the wrong venue for these words. You should only write your name and address in the register book; if you wish to provide some written words of sympathy, do so with a greeting card. It can also be appropriate to list your relationship with the deceased person in the book. For example, you could write, "colleague from work" to provide context to the surviving family.

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