Is a Home Funeral Right for You?

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Is a Home Funeral Right for You?

18 August 2015
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If you were to die 150 years ago, pretty much everything would have been done at home. Your family would either make your casket or would hire someone to make it for you. Your family and friends would also lay you out and your viewings would take place in your front parlor. Then funeral homes came around and started handling funerals. Funeral home employees took over the laying out of the dead and funerals were held at the funeral home. Most people still want to have their funerals at a funeral home, but there are also a lot of people who want to actually bring back that more intimate aspect of funerals. They are opting for something called home funerals.

What Is a Home Funeral?

A modern home funeral is basically the same thing that it would have been 150 years ago. You are laid out at home, where your family and friends can come be with you until you are buried. Home funerals are legal in all states, but in many states, a funeral director has to be involved at some point. Your state may also require embalming although not all do. If embalming isn't chosen, then it's important to have the actual burial very soon.

What Are Some Benefits of a Home Funeral?

One benefit is that it tends to be a much less expensive to have a funeral at home. Funeral homes that offer assistance with home funerals generally are less expensive to work with, usually because they don't have the same kind of overhead that a regular funeral home does. Another benefit is that many families find it very comforting to be involved with the whole process. Knowing that they are the ones that are caring for their loved ones after death can give family members a real sense of closure. 

What Are Some Drawbacks of a Home Funeral?

If your family chooses to go with a home funeral, it may be difficult to find a funeral home that will work with them. It may also be problematic to find a cemetery that will allow an unembalmed body to be buried there. 

Home funerals aren't for everyone. If it's something that you want, you need to make sure that your family is aware of that fact. That way plans can be put in place well before they are needed. That will make everything easier for everyone when the time comes. For more information, consult a funeral director.

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