4 Unusual Things To Do With Cremated Remains

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4 Unusual Things To Do With Cremated Remains

31 July 2015
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While some people like to store cremated remains of their loved ones on the mantle in an urn, this isn't the only option. There are other ways to actually put the ashes remaining after cremation to use once the memorial services are over. These aren't necessarily inexpensive alternatives, but they can be beautiful ways to honor the memory of any loved one.

Contribute to Nature

A few companies offer biodegradable urns that you can add ashes to and plant to grow a tree. This is a great option for someone who loved nature or was active in environmental issues. The resulting tree could be a place to go to relax and remember your loved one. You could even put a memorial bench next to the tree. Another option is to have the ashes included in the cement that is used to help form new coral reefs, helping to provide a habitat for thousands of creatures in the ocean.

Create a Keepsake

Rather than leave cremated remains sitting around, you can turn them into a keepsake. There are companies that turn ashes into diamonds for use in jewelry, hand blown glass vases, stained glass windows or even records complete with your choice of music. They can be put into a teddy bear or a custom-made snow globe, mixed into paint and used to paint a portrait of the deceased or turned into lead pencils with whatever inscription you would like. These items can actually be used on a regular basis to help you feel close to your lost loved one. You could also keep your loved one with you forever by having their ashes turned into tattoo ink to use on a tattoo of something that reminds you of the deceased.

Send Them on a Trip

For people who loved to travel or explore new frontiers, sending the ashes on a trip may be a nice way to say your final goodbyes. Ashes can be launched into space, sent up in the air in helium balloons or simply scattered from a plane or a boat. Make scattering ashes in the water a beautiful but environmentally-friendly option through the use of a flower urn.

Create a Colorful Display

If you don't mind a more short-lived use of the cremated remains, they can be turned into a fireworks display, perhaps to use during a memorial celebration to celebrate the life of your loved one. 

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