Different Options When Making A Selection Of Headstones

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Different Options When Making A Selection Of Headstones

27 July 2015
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In years past, graves were typically marked with simple slabs to signify a person's final resting place. Over the years though, these mini monuments come in a variety of sizes and designs to memorialize your loved one's grave in style. Not only are they are grave markers, but they also provide some form of closure as they are inscribed with heartfelt words about the deceased. Here are some of the different options available to you when selecting a headstone for your deceased loved one.

Flush headstones

These types of headstones are set flat into the ground. They are typically made from either granite or bronze. The granite options come in a variety of colors, giving you a wider selection to choose from. You also have the option of choosing different textures and shapes for the flush marker.

Upright headstones

This type of headstones stand upright at the head of the grave. They usually are composed of two pieces: a base and a top stone. Since they are easy to spot, you will find that most cemeteries tend to have upright headstones to mark the numerous graves.

Bevel headstones

These are also known as pillow markers. They have a minimal slant with the back of the headstone raised a few inches higher than the front. As such, they have a resemblance to flush headstones that have a gradual incline.

Slant headstones

As the name suggest, these headstones slant in one direction. They are composed of a wide base that angles upward and finally tapers off at the top. This gives it a sloping back, which is typically mounted on a foundation made of either cement or granite. Slant headstones are commonly used in family plots rather than in cemeteries.

Ledger headstones

These are composed of a thick slab designed to cover the entire grave of the deceased. One thing to note with ledger markers is that they can be used in tandem with other types of headstones. This type of headstone is available in a range of materials including sandstone, granite, and marble.

Gothic headstones

These types of headstones tend to be rectangular and can either be mounted on a base or set directly in the ground at the gravesite. They are known as gothic headstones due to their design, consists of ornamental curves and different angles. This design is inspired by old gothic architecture that was commonly used in churches.

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