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The Memory Jar | Life Celebration At Its Best

22 July 2015
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When you are in the process of planning a memorial service for a loved one, it can be hard to come up with ideas that can help you celebrate their life. Most memorials are all about grieving and mourning, and rightly so; however, it can be a much more momentous occasion if you bring in some of the joyous memories of the person and the life that they lived. One of the ways that you can add a touch of lifetime celebration to a memorial is by creating a memory jar. 

What You Will Need 

The supplies that you need for the memory jar can usually be gathered around the house, or you can get the supplies at a local dollar store. You will need:

  • A Large One Gallon Jar with a Lid
  • A Sticker Label 
  • A Stationery Pad
  • Pens, Pencils, and Markers
  • A Photo of Your Loved One 
  • Tape or Hot Glue

Creating the Memory Jar

Make sure that the jar that you use is clean and free from residue from previous labels by scrubbing the jar in a solution of warm water and soap. Use rubbing alcohol to remove any glue that may be left on the outside of the jar. Thoroughly dry the jar and place the new label on the front, along with the picture of your loved one. Write a message on the new label instructing people to share their favorite memories, either in writing or by drawing a simple picture, which is something children may want to do. If the jar's lid is not a solid color or you would just like to make it more personalized, you can paint the lid of the jar with spray paint. 

Making Use of the Memory Jar at the Memorial

The memorial jar should be set up at the entrance to the memorial on a table in a quiet space. Make sure you have a few chairs available where the guests can sit while they write their messages. Before the memorial ends, it can be comforting for a handful of close family members to share the newly submitted memories with the rest of the guests. Plus, when the memorial service is over, the jar will be a keepsake of memories that will definitely be treasured. 

Losing someone you love is never easy, but if you can use the memorial service to celebrate the life of that someone, it can be much easier to bear. Creating a memory jar is just one way you can help yourself and others recall some precious memories. 

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