3 Ways To Personalize A Funeral

Nothing is more difficult than trying to plan a funeral for someone that you love. Learn about choosing an appropriate funeral home. Click here.

3 Ways To Personalize A Funeral

16 July 2015
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If a good friend that you know has passed away or if you want to set up your funeral so that your relatives don't have to in the future, chances are excellent that you are going to want to personalize your funeral arrangements. This will ensure that your funeral captures your life and allows everyone to remember your friend or you in the way that you would find preferable. Here are some ideas for personalizing the funeral. 

1. Make a Quote Board

One idea is to make a quote board. Every person has phrases that he or she might find him or herself saying on a regular basis, no matter how silly these phrases are because they are part of that person's speech patterns. One way to evoke a sense of your friend or yourself is to get other people to help you think of phrases that your friend or you often said. Send out a mass email or multi-person private message on a social media site asking for quote ideas. People who know your friend or know you will be happy to oblige.

Once you have these quotes, get a large piece of poster board or foam board and choose a way to write these quotes down. You can purchase pre-cut letters that you can simply glue on, or if you have excellent handwriting, you can purchase glitter glue or colorful markers to write the quotes yourself. If you are pre-planning your funeral, purchase the craft materials ahead of time and put them in a safe place with your list of possible quotes.

2. Make a Memory Table

Another option is for you to make a memory table. A memory table is essentially a table that has important items from your friend's or your life on it that will prompt people's memories. Common items on memory tables are favorite articles of clothing, trophies and awards, and items from a person's childhood. If you are planning the funeral for a friend, go to that friend's apartment and see if you can find any items that would work. If you are pre=planning your funeral, make a list of the items that you would like on the table and save it in a special folder for funeral plans. 

3. Make a Wreath of Pictures

Go to a craft store and purchase some flexible wire from the beading section, as well as a pair of beading pliers. Take the wire home and wrap it in a large circle so that there are several layers of wire. Twist the wire so that one strand will intersect with many other strands. Add tiny clothespins to the wire that will be able to hold photos. Put the photos in and you have made a photo wreath that will be a nice addition to any funeral. If you are pre-planning your funeral, make the wreath and purchase the clothespins, but allow your family members to choose the photos that they feel best represent your life.

For more information, talk to a funeral director.

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